J.R. Andrews

Sometimes the end of the world is the beginning of the story


Life as he knew it has come to an end. His battle for survival has only just begun.

Tom Woodford can’t believe he’s humanity’s only hope. Awakening from a decade-long coma, he’s shocked to learn a killer virus ravaged the planet and he’s the last-remaining pure human on Earth. His terror only intensifies when a mysterious woman plucks him from the dripping jaws of a bloodthirsty humanoid monster.

Fleeing with his cryptic caretaker towards her home in Seattle, Tom’s days and nights blur into a race to survive. But with the woman’s plan held tightly to her chest, the determined man fears he’s just a pawn in a powerful agenda likely to end in a fate worse than death…

Can the world’s final mortal escape the dark forces after his blood?

Famine is the first book in the tense Charon Chronicles post-apocalyptic horror series. If you like fast-paced action, high-stakes quests, and underdog protagonists willing to risk it all, then you’ll love J. R. Andrews’ suspenseful thriller.

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