J.R. Andrews

Sometimes the end of the world is the beginning of the story


He thought his life was boring…until he woke up in a video game. Now he’s a Level 1 newb in a deadly world without a restart button.

Gerald Lawson just wanted to wrap up the last few hours of his night shift playing Realm Quest, his favorite video game RPG, before kicking off an epic weekend of gaming. But after a strange encounter with an ancient-looking guy who wouldn’t be out of place at a cosplay convention, Gerald wakes up inhabiting his character from the game, and the town of Copperton is burning around him.

Learning to survive his new reality proves harder than he could have imagined, and before he can even grind to a decent level, he’s caught in a conflict between a local gang of outlaws and the people of Copperton. Even worse, he soon realizes this version of the game is increasingly unlike the one he’s used to. With dark plots in motion that could transform the very nature of the world, Gerald may be forced to abandon his quest to get back home in favor of something even riskier: to become the hero the people of Realm Quest desperately need.

Goldenshield is the first book in the action-packed Realm Quest LitRPG saga. If you like MMORPGs, reluctant heroes, complex villians, and a world with rich fantasy lore, you’ll love J. R. Andrews’ innovative new fantasy epic.

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