J.R. Andrews

Sometimes the end of the world is the beginning of the story

The Secret of Commander’s Mansion

They hoped for a fun night of tracking spooky noises in the dark, but the shadows lingering in Commander’s Mansion hold a sinister secret that will have them fighting to see the sunrise.

Shane Brunell refuses to believe that his favorite show, Phantom Trackers, is based on weird lighting, fancy camera work, and tricky special effects. But when he and his best friend Ellie Shimoda win a chance to join the cast for a night of filming in a 300 year-old mansion, they soon find out what most people already suspect: that there’s more story than ghost to the show.

Even so, Ellie is hiding a secret that makes her believe there could be something to these paranormal investigations after all. Shane has a secret too, hidden even from himself, which unleashes a powerful spirit thirsty for revenge. Once released, it seals the group inside the house amidst a tangle of paranormal snares, and if they can’t find a way do some authentic phantom tracking to uncover the specter’s dreadful plan before dawn, their whole town may pay the price.

The Secret of Commander’s Mansion is a spooky middle grade horror that’ll have both adults and kids turning the page for just one more chapter after bedtime. If you like eerie environments, adventurous exploration, and sinister secrets, you’ll love J. R. Andrews’ new family-friendly paranormal adventure.

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